Robin Stater is a well known designer who started her career in the Eastern Sierra of California. She works from her design studio, art gallery, furniture store, Sierra Design Studio, established in 1988 in Mammoth Lakes, Calif. Robin’s style combines her love of nature with the simple and intriguing combination of textures, quality materials and a sensitivity to the clients’ needs. Her designs bring a sense of comfort and well being to the homes that is instinctive to her and to the design of the project.

Her artistic approach adds to the unique styling that may include antiques or custom made furniture, carpets or art. Robin has focused mainly on mountain homes in the Sierra, but her work has taken her to locations around the world to help her clients find the same quality and personal service she provided in their mountain homes.

Homes at Mauna Kea Hawaii, beach front in La Jolla, Ca., High-rise Condo in Manhattan New York, 20,000 sq. ft. mansion in Westlake Village, Ca. Italian Style Villa remodel, western ranch home and a fishing lodge in Costa Rica are just a few of the diverse styles she has designed in addition to the mountain style homes.

Her passion also reaches into remodeling, barn design and landscaping. An avid gardener and professional designer for remodeling with decades of construction experience, she has the vision to conceive the details of projects on paper.
Creating a comfortable, functional home on time and budget is Robin’s goal. Her personal relationships with her clients is the key in the success of her business.

Robin is available to work on selected national and international projects.